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30 years of history written in concrete

Mission of the company
The development of civilization and improve people’s lives is a constant incentive to use more and better technical solutions in every area. The company Matbet from the beginning of its activities effectively strives to achieve the highest European standards
and the world becoming a partner of both large and small companies and individual investors. Our offer is addressed to all those who value quality, savings
and economy, as well as environmental protection.
Our motto is to provide high quality product quickly, cheaply and professionally.
We try to focus on the specific needs of the customer, developing affiliate marketing and implementing the concept of CRM. the company’s history Matbet The company was founded in 1987 as a private manufacturing company, owned until 2002 was Tadeusz Banaszyk, while in 1989 the company was established Matbet-Bis, and its owner was the son – Tomasz Banaszyk currently managing a whole. At the beginning of 2005, in connection with the further development of production, Tomasz Banaszyk founded the branch Matbet concrete. Among the important facts in the development of the company include the construction of the fall of 2005 another hall for the production of large circles and wells, whose production is carried out using a fully computerized, modern and efficient technological line. In 2007. It created a new node while the concrete that supports current production, later expanded the hall, which among others, armor tubes Wibro TB – the last part of the development system.
Over the nearly 25 years the company has significantly evolved technologically and investments. It was a forerunner of many solutions and quality standards, co-founded the Association for Sewage Concrete Elements. The company’s activities are largely focused on ecology and the environment. Matbet has won many
awards and medals attesting concrete brand (company slogan) products and their high position in the Polish market.